Dear Steve and Julie,

  Please accept my long-over-due thanks to all that you do! I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate what you and  your caring staff have done for my mother’s well-being. She has mentally (and physically) improved so much since moving to Garden Terrace!I know that she will decline again with dementia, but it’s been so nice to have her “back”, even for awhile! It also gives me peace of mind knowing that you work closely with her doctor, pharmacy, and other health professionals to  see to it that Mom gets the care she needs! You-all are the BEST!


Dear Steve and Julie,

Thank you so much for all you did for our mom during the few months she was in your care.  While going through Consumer Reports, we came across an article on what to look for in a care giving facility when that is a consideration for one’s parent(s).  I was more than reassured that we chose the best place because your philosophy, your attitude, your compassion and respect for each resident in your homes far exceed what one should look for and expect in his or her search.  Thanks to the doctor, we feel like we hit the lottery when he introduced us to Garden Terrace.  Thank you!


Dear Steve and Julie,

I wanted to thank you for all the hard work you put into the Disney 60th Year Celebration at Garden Terrace.  The clients may not remember all that you do, but it means a lot to the family members of our loved ones that you care for.  It is a huge blessing knowing that Mom is not only tended after but is given special moments to brighten her day.  She may not remember, but I will!


If you want personal care, a loving home, with skilled care givers, this is definitely the place! My friends grandmother experienced a few homes and facilities in the area but was not “at home” until coming to Garden Terrace. The owners, Steve and Julie Hergenroeder put their Residents as first priority in their business and personal lives. For example, they have the most amazing activities happening each week, along with taking each Resident to their medical appointments and staying with them during the entire session then bringing them back home. They are available to the families 24x7x365!! Two incredibly busy people with a staff that upholds the same integrity for all Residents and their individualized care needs. I can honestly say that each resident and family member I have known has been extremely happy with Garden Terrace Assisted Living!! Happy Days For All, Indeed!!


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